Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Egyptian Mummy

Mummy :

Drying of dead bodies without the use of chemicals is the secret of mummification, which was retained by the pharaohs more than thousands of years ago, which scientists kept looking for the key to that secret during all those years and yet nothing was discovered about it, with these words, Emad William Halaka, revealed from his new research his success to the professors of anatomy, School of Medicine, Alexandria University, in the mummification process, which took place with a "hand of mankind." This got approved and certified that he has done successfully. Here are the 9 steps of the very basic and scientifically sound and certified process of mummification as discovered by Emad Halaka
  1. Taking out some parts of the body, such as the stomach, brain and lungs
  2. Putting the salt of wadi el natroun, inside and outside.
  3. Putting the body in a pottery incubator
  4. Closing the incubator and making only a small opening in the top of the incubator
  5. Putting the pottery incubator on fire (the body must not touch the incubator, by putting the body on a pottery bed )
  6. Until the hot air which is raising from the opening, reached an exactly degree, we stop the fire
  7. Closing the incubator tightly
  8. Putting the incubator in the sun to a period, depending on: the weather and the volume of the body
  9. We break the incubator, and get out the body, putting perfumes on the body, then wrapping with clothes and putting in a place with no humidity

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